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Dandelion by Catherine James is available for the Kindle at the on-line Amazon store and for the iPad and iPhone at the iTunes Store.

Order the hardcover book at Amazon.com link below.


"How she has survived what can only be described as the extraordinary life she writes about so candidly in her book is a testament to her strength."  -- Roger Daltrey

"Dandelion tells the courageous nine-lives tale of an exquisite beauty’s great escape from a turbulent childhood, free-fall into the revolutionary rock music scene, a child raising her own child amidst chaotic upheaval. Audacious and dauntless, Catherine James maintains her sweetness and vulnerability, even when facing down her demons. From the Hollywood heyday to swinging Mod London, to the streets of Greenwich Village and back again, she takes us to shadowy and brilliant places, introduces us to ghastly and illustrious characters, sprinkling heartfelt wisdom and insight on every page."   --  Pamela Des Barres